Welcome to the Reel Life, my personal movie blog where I hope to share and discuss my opinions about the various movies I’ve seen and those I have yet to see. But I also want this to be an interactive experience with people talking to me and each other about what they like and dislike about various movies. Movies aren’t made for one person, they’re made for all of us. And so they are made to be discussed just like any other work of art. There are a variety of movies that have had an impact on my life, from the movies that have entertained and given me joy to those that have truly scared me or driven me to anger.

I hope to keep this site updated as much as possible with reviews of films, old and new, as well as news and other information I deem worth sharing. Keep checking back in to see what’s come up in the wide world of cinema, as well as to explore and discuss various movies from old classics to the latest hits. These are movies that I look out for and that I hope you will as well. So I hope that you enjoy what you read here and I look forward to adding some of my thoughts on movies to the site!

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