Top 10 Films to Expect at Next Years Oscars

The 89th Academy Awards came and went on Sunday night, with an evening full of surprises and upsets. The evening began with Hacksaw Ridge winning Best Editing and Sound Mixing, then ratcheted up the weirdness when Suicide Squad won Makeup and Hairstyling, and peaked with Moonlight‘s momentous Best Picture win. The night was full of deserving winners, including Kevin O’Connell, the Hacksaw Ridge sound mixer who won on his 21st nomination, as well as Viola Davis’ win for Fences and Mahershala Ali’s win for Moonlight, both in supporting acting categories. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was Jimmy Kimmel, who proved his worth as an Oscars host in spite of a painfully awkward tour bus segment. The event ended with some amazing and heartfelt words from the producers behind both La La Land, which won six awards, and Moonlight, which won Best Picture, Supporting Actor, and Adapted Screenplay. As I posited might happen in my Oscar predictions, the night was similar to the 2014 ceremony when 12 Years a Slave won three awards while Gravity won mostly below the line awards.

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89th Academy Award Predictions

Well the time is almost here, the 89th Academy Awards ceremony is this Sunday, February 26th! It has been a year since the 88th ceremony where Spotlight ended up besting The Revenant in one of the more interesting upsets in recent memory. A deserving winner for certain. Leonardo DiCaprio has an Oscar after a career of frequent snubs, but so does Adam McKay after finding the perfect mix of his style of comedy and drama in The Big Short. If you had tried to predict the Oscars a year ago it’s doubtless that films like Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime WalkThe Birth of a Nation, Martin Scorsese’s Silence, and Collateral Beauty would have popped up. Of those only Silence managed to make it all the way, with a single nomination in Cinematography. Instead a 32 year-old director’s third movie, a contemporary musical starring two of our best young movie stars and with all original music managed to find its place perfectly in the zeitgeist and now La La Land threatens to tie or exceed Oscar records. Right behind it is a movie about a young African-American’s man struggle to find himself amid the projects, directed by a semi-retired writer-director and based off of a never-produced play. That film is Moonlight.

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89th Academy Award Nomination Predictions

The 89th Academy Award nominations are almost upon us, with the actual nominations to be announced on the morning of January 24th. Between the end of 2016 and now, the Golden Globes have given their awards and the numerous movie guilds like the Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild, and American Society of Cinematographers have announced nominees and some winners for their own awards, while the British Academy or BAFTA just announced their nominees. Guilds are good predictors for each of the categories at the Oscars because their members tend to overlap well with the various branches that actually vote on the Academy’s nominees. This year has offered up a number of excellent movies, some of which you can read my reviews for, and these will offer plenty of choices for the Academy to vote on. I have listed my predictions for the nominees below, along with some alternates or other nominees that might pop up. Each category will also have a short explanation of the choices made therein.

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74th Golden Globe Predictions

Awards season is here and in full swing. With the announcement of the Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations a couple of weeks ago, and now with the Writers Guild Awards nominations coming tomorrow, major guild awards are slowly coming along. This will eventually culminate in the 89th Academy Awards Nominations being announced on January 24th. For now, however, the big show to look forward to as always is the 74th Golden Globe Awards which will air on January 8th. So before that happens here’s some predictions for Sunday.

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Best Supporting Actor Predictions 12/29

As the year draws to a close we’re getting closer and closer to the Academy Awards nominations, which will be announced the morning of January 24th, 2017. So with that said I would like to finish up major Oscar predictions before then and also hopefully turn out a round of Golden Globe predictions prior to their ceremony on January 8th. Best Supporting Actor has been a tough category to predict so far this year with a lack of a coherent frontrunner until somewhat recently. It’ll be a bit easier to call this now thanks to the recent slew of Critic’s Circle awards being handed out for the past month and the Screen Actors Guild nominations that were released earlier this month. Those awards usually serve as a strong predictor of the Oscar category or at least someone who we can identify as a potential frontrunner for the time being. That being said I won’t have to discern between movies that have or are yet to be seen so that makes this post somewhat easier.

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Best Supporting Actress Predictions 10/20

I have waited this long before posting about my Best Supporting Actress predictions because I wanted to wait on one last festival premiere before posting, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. This film from director Ang Lee and based on the novel by Ben Fountain, was much anticipated, including by me, for its promised grit and acting, as well as technical innovation in the form of 120 fps filming. Alas, the film has been praised for its visuals and some of the acting, but has been panned for its script and general direction, making it unlikely to garner any major awards buzz. This applies here because I had strongly considered Kristen Stewart, who plays the titular Billy’s brother Kathryn in the film, as a potential contender.

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Best Actress Predictions 10/10

I’ve waited long enough to be able to examine what is certainly a very rich category this year, full of potential surprises and an indefinite front runner. Last year saw the award go to the very deserving Brie Larson for Room in a performance that was heartbreaking and again represented the best of a very strong category. This year will be no different with a strong depth to the actresses who have already had the chance to unveil their performances and, like Best Actor, some that may be on the horizon.

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Best Actor Predictions 10/7

Hello and welcome to the first post on The Reel Life covering the 89th Academy Awards! This post will be my first predictions for the category of Best Actor, with my plan to start with the acting awards and other above-the-line awards before moving to below-the-line awards, and then finally Best Director and Best Picture. Leonardo DiCaprio’s win in this category last year ended his status as a perennial loser in this category and now a whole laundry list of others are seeking this acclaimed prize.

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