Favorite Sites

In the wide world of the film fan, it’s a little hard to sieve through all of the movies that come out every year to find ones that I like and it’s very rewarding to find resources and websites that not only introduce me to great films to watch but also that examine them and the people behind them. So below I’ve listed some amazing websites or channels of various kinds that I can highly recommend for your viewing or reading pleasure.

YouTube Channels:

Every Frame a Painting

This is the creme de la creme of film channels on YouTube. Created by Canadian independent filmmaker Tony Zhou, this channel doesn’t produce a new video very often but whenever it does it’s always worth the wait. Covering topics ranging from the Coen Brothers to Buster Keaton, Tony is great at crafting interesting and diverse video essays that will interest any movie watcher. Each video is also highly re-watchable and so I cannot recommend this channel enough, especially if you’re interested in the unique aspects that various filmmakers bring to the industry. Also follow Tony Zhou on Twitter, he’s a pretty cool guy.

Chris Stuckmann

If Tony Zhou is the best video essayist on YouTube, then Chris Stuckmann is certainly the best film reviewer on YouTube. Chris creates in-depth and at time hilarious videos that review both the most recent blockbusters but also his own personal favorites that he thinks people should know about. Chris brings a huge level of energy and enthusiasm to his videos and they are never boring. He has a wide variety of videos in terms of length and content, and I especially love his video series that lead to up to a big release. For example, he’s currently reviewing all of the Harry Potter movies in anticipation of the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them this November. He rates films on a scale of A+ to F and you can definitely get lost just watching him review all of the films you have seen for the last five or so years. I know I have.


Nerdwriter discusses and analyzes the film scripts and the ideas behind various movies in video essays that come out every Wednesday. Interestingly enough he doesn’t just examine movies but also pop culture and even politics at times, and although those aren’t always as insightful as his film essays they’re always entertaining. Like Chris Stuckmann’s channel there’s a great deal of volume to this channel and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Channel Criswell

This channel produces more long-form video essays than any of the sites I’ve previously mentioned, but they’re also very interesting and in-depth if you take the time. Not only are they in-depth but they’re also always about something or someone, like Every Frame a Painting, that I would never think to write about. Also like that aforementioned channel there aren’t too many of them but when there are new ones I jump at the chance to watch them. These videos are very educational and informative.

Now You See It

This channel is actually made by a friend of mine and is in a shorter format than the other ones I’ve mentioned. His videos usually come out every week or so and although they may not be as long or in-depth as the channels I’ve mentioned before, they usually have something distinct and informative to say. There are also a lot of them so if you have the time this is definitely a channel that’s worth checking out.


A more mainstream and diverse channel than the ones I’ve already mentioned, CineFix is a channel more like a TV channel in that they post a variety of shows and videos with high production values and sets. CineFix produces a lot of videos and examines movies from the blockbusters to the indie pictures that grace our theaters throughout the year. I especially like their What’s the Difference? series where they compare films to the novels they’re based on and their list videos where they examine and count down the various movies that they like in a certain category. Their reviews are pretty good too but the panel format can be a little dry compared to Chris Stuckmann. They also have a huge number of videos to watch so it can be pretty easy to get lost in their channel.



I love awards shows, the Oscars especially, so I love to follow this amazing awards website run by Clayton Davis and a variety of cool film critics. They create a long list of awards predictions not just for the Oscars but also for the Emmys and Golden Globes that are constantly being updated. They also run an awesome podcast called “Circuit Breaker” every week that usually releases on Monday where they recap the various developments in the film world the previous week and discuss their choices for predictions. They have cool film reviews that go back quite some time and are usually my go-to place for updated information on the development of the indie film circuit. Even if you think that the Oscars are overrated the films they discuss almost always end up being some of my favorites every year and the discussions they have about the state of the film industry are also worth listening to. Basically I can’t recommend this website enough, check it out.


Like AwardsCircuit, Indiewire follows the best films and television shows that Hollywood produces every year. From movie news, to their own awards predictions, Indiewire brings it with every new post and even has their own podcast for this time of year. Not only do they cover the review films of all shapes and sizes, but they also tend to shine a light on the underappreciated films that come out every year and provide excellent coverage of every film festival and the unique voices they find there. They are similar in content to AwardsCircuit but as someone who is constantly checking both websites I can say that they compliment each other very well.